Ladder has a recommendation engine named JACK which uses machine learning to automate marketing plans for startups, choosing from a database from 400+ proven tactics. However, all of the tactics are currently stored within a database and there is no way to visualize each tactic or how it works. The goal is to make these tactics available to the general public, which will in turn create brand trust and generate more leads from potential customers.


Task Analysis

I engaged with the marketing team for full clarification, understanding, and ideation of marketing tactics prior to creating iterations. The marketing, design teams and co-founders offered their insight into how they believed the tactics should be illustrated.


UI Design

I completed the illustrations in Sketch according to a style guide provided by Ladder's design team. The desired aesthetic for the illustrations was a simple and clean wireframe look that would allow a layperson unfamiliar with marketing tactics to review the description and illustration and quickly gain an understanding of how the tactic could be implemented. The team and I continued discussions throughout the process of creating the illustrations to ensure that the marketing tactics were being properly communicated.

Final illustrations were uploaded to both public and client-facing interfaces. The Ladder Growth Playbook is available here.