Be Social Change challenged Startup Institute students to help them create a low-cost individual membership program which provides access to exclusive programs, curated resources, and member-only discounts. The challenges included: 1) Scaling the program to become the go-to career and lifestyle membership community for millenials and people in the social impact space; and 2) What new programs and business opportunities under the membership program can drive additional revenue streams. Students were divided into cross-functional teams and given 24 hours to collaborate and ideate.


User Research

We reviewed studies about millenials' ideas regarding socially conscious living and analyzed similar business models. In addition, team members went to a Personal Branding event held by Be Social Change to conduct surveys regarding attendees' the level of engagement, socially conscious behavior, and interest in online courses for career advancement.

Ideation & Conclusion

Research results provided us with the insight to proceed with an action plan that included: 1) influencers marketing; 2) digital and social media marketing; 3) content from live events provided online for a lower price point; and 4) an online marketplace for socially conscious goods, vetted through BSC.